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Kids mouth guards

Australians love their sports.

In Perth we’re exceptionally lucky: our great weather and easy access to sports facilities mean that everyone from parents to Prime Ministers can play a sport or enjoy it from the sidelines.

Sport is at the heart of who we are. With so many children and adults playing contact sports, safety is a priority. A Protex Mouthguard offers you world-class protection for even the most intense of contact sports.




Mouthguards are like “seat belts for your teeth”.

While they won’t stop collisions, you can be sure that the outcome will be much better when you’re wearing your custom-made Protex Mouthguard.

In fact many Perth clubs won’t allow their members onto the field unless they’re wearing a mouthguard, and with good reason – only a custom-made Mouthguard will give you the best protection from impacts.




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