A family Story. Our Family Protecting Yours.

Looking for a brand that represents our company’s mouthguards we ensure that our mouthguards provide superior protection and so the name Protex was formed.

Protex Mouthguards is a family owned and operated - proudly Western Australian company run by the dedicated owners Lee, Jo and Kayne Carnevale.

Located in the heart of Joondalup with Free road side Parking.

Lee is a Prosthetist who specialises in Dental Care From the manufacturing of false teeth through to making orthodontic appliances and of Course making custom moulded mouthguards.

Now 40 something ?? Lee has been making Denture's, Ortho appliances and Mouthguards since he was 15 !! So rest assured you are in experienced hands.

Jo heads up the admin team and now Kayne is following in his Fathers Footsteps as a Qualified technician Soon to be Prosthetist.  Together they have more than 40 years in the industry. The family are joined by a great team of highly skilled, friendly staff who truly make going to work each day an absolute joy. They are focused on giving you and your family the very best in customer care.

L. J. & K  would like to thank our amazing team of staff for the awesome job they do every day !!  Working with you guys is so much fun we really value you all.


Ultimate Protection   -   Awesome Colours   -   Comfortable Fit