Free Stuff

Everyone loves something for free! When you buy your Protex Mouthguard, you’ll get:

A Free Protective Carry Case

You’ll get a custom-made case to house your mouthguard. When you’re not using it, we highly recommend that you store your mouthguard in an airtight container somewhere out of direct sunlight.

A Free Instruction Booklet

You’ll get a free mouthguard care instruction booklet with any mouthguard purchase.


Plus Stickers for the kids to have some fun !

Cleaning tablets on request.  

Plus Free After Care Support - If you need us for anything we are just a phone call away ! 


Did you know that you save money by simply ordering your mouthguard from Protex, rather than from a dentist?

We make and supply mouthguards to dentists all over Perth. They then on-sell our mouthguards to the public for two or three times as much!

Therefore by coming directly to Protex you could be saving $100 or more!