Colours and Special Effects

Colours and Special Effects

 We have, literally over 30 billion options ...Yes "BILLIONS"...We are sure to have a colour to please you or your child !

  • Camouflage      - In any colour combination imaginable
  • Checkers          - In any colour combination imaginable
  • Half and Half     - In any colour combination imaginable
  • Three Stripes    - In any colour combination imaginable
  • Multiple Stripes - In any colour combination imaginable
  • Fluro Colours
  • Every Known Sporting Team
  • Biodegradable Guard
  • Antibacterial Guard (for people with severe allegies)
  • Plus Individual Graphics - Fangs , Skulls etc.
  • Every Design and colour you could possibly Imagine !!


New Exciting Graphics Range

We are proud to now offer the addition of graphics when you visit one of our clinics. From fangs to boxing gloves, stars or missing teeth - you name it there are litterally hundreds of possible images to choose from. Or if you preferr we can even include your club logo or team graphic - Your mouthguard can be as individual as You!

Come on in and see our Awesome Display Wall at our Joondalup.We have one of the largest displays of mouthguards in the country! Plus we are working on developing another display just as amazing at new Morley Clinic !!


Be Sure to scroll all the way down to see photos of actual Guards


Here are some of the single colours we carry:

BlackDark BlueMaroonSilverGoldRoyal BlueLilacSky BlueGreenPinkRedTurquioseWhiteYellowFluoro OrangeFluoro YellowFluoro GreenClearFluoro PinkRac GreenBrownFluoro RedAppleLavenderCerise (Bright Pink)SandstoneCherryAmethyst (Dark Purple)TealAussie YellowMint GreenShrimpMetallic Green(Sky Blue) Cornflour AntibacterialLeaf Green (Biodegradable)



Check Out Some Of our Awesome Guards !!



Mouthguard with Fangs No 1   Girls Mouthguard with Flowers   Mouthguard With Fangs No 2 

Gum Guard Pink & Yellow      Red & White Two Coloured Mouthguard   Gum Guard Pink & Purple Checkers  

 Traditional Aussie Colours Mouthguard     Two Coloured Mouthguard Fluro Yellow & Pink    Half and Half Coloured Mouthgaurds    


Black & White Mouthguard    Perth Mouthguards Bite Me Graphics    Black and Gold Gum Guard  

Perths Best Mouthguards Kpow   Snake Skin Marbled Mouthguard     White Mouthguard Menace

 Aussie Green And Gold Mouthguard    Gum Guard With Graphics Yellow KPOW    Mouthguard with Silver Fangs  

Mouthguards Perth     Yellow and Orange Mouthguard  Perths Best Mouthguards