• Suits players with baby / milk teeth.
  • Can accommodate braces and erupting teeth.
  • Suits low level contact sports.
  • Custom-made for the majority of sporting activities.
  • Great for those who have not worn mouthguards before.
  • Recommended for Perth's younger sports people.


  • Suits all players with Adult teeth present.
  • Can accommodate braces and erupting teeth.
  • Great for most sports where heavier contact may be received on the jaw, eg AFL, rugby, martial arts, hockey etc.
  • Custom-made Double Layered Guard.
  • Recommended for Perth's slightly older player.


  • Suits ages 15 years - Adult.
  • Suits high collision sports, such as kick boxing, hockey and elite sports athletes.
  • Custom-made Triple Layered Guard to maximise protection.
  • The best protection available on the market today.
  • Recommended for Perth's serious athlete.